Welcome to the Bed-Rock Research Consultancy!


Bedrock is the solid rock in the ground which supports all the soil above it. Thus, Your Research, Professional Training & Business Analysis Is On Solid Ground.

Who We Are:

The Bed-Rock Research Consultancy is a leading provider of research, training and consultancy services to local and international development organizations. We assist our partners to increase the impact and efficiency of their social interventions by providing a range of innovative solutions for sustainable results.

Our Mission:

The Bed-Rock Research Consultancy’s mission is to enhance the capacity of development organizations to effectively and successfully solve social problems in order to improve the well-being of people around the world. Our expertise aims to create development impact in health; agriculture; food security; technology; governance; education; and environmental management.

Our Vision:

The Bed-Rock Research Consultancy’s Vision is to be a leading, dynamic, socio-economic development consultancy which contributes to creating a better world through strengthening transformative processes for community development.

Our Core Values:

Impact oriented
We always endevour to provide quality services to our partners to ensure that their interventions have lasting impacts on the lifes of their beneficiaries. We take time to understand our clients needs and develop customized training and consultancy solutions that are efficient, effective and leads to measurable results.

Our work is team effort. We create synergy with experts from diverse fields of practice. We build productive and strong relationships with clients and with each other. We embrace diverse cultures and points of view.

We always deliver what we promise and add value that goes beyond our client’s expectations. We are alert to changes our areas of operations and continuously expanding our knowledge in order to develop creative solutions to help our partners solve emerging problems.

We are champions of participatory approaches to problem solving. We view our clients as partners with whom we solve social problems with participation from the affected communities.

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees and partners.

Affiliates & Statutory Regulatory Bodies

Statutory Regulatory Bodies

The Bed-Rock Research Consultancy is fully incorporated with the following Statutory bodies:


The Bed-Rock Research Consultancy is affiliated to WOODLANDS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE.

Collaborations & Partnerships

The Bed-Rock Research Consultancy has partnered/Signed MOUs with the following institutions: